Final Fantasy VII - The Legacy of Honor.

I made these 2 Busterswords about 4 years ago when I first got into cosplay and were for my Zack Fair (FFVII: Crisis Core) and Cloud Strife (FFVII) costumes that I had made. Though these are both quite basic in construction and types of materials used, as well as knowing that I could do a much better job now as I have since learned and progressed as prop maker, they both still hold a special little place in my heart and pride.

For full tutorials on how to build them check out my facebook page at:

Cloud Strife - Final Fantasy VII.
Found some more old pictures of my Cloud cosplay that I debuted at the London October MCM Expo 2011 as part of a ‘Final Fantasy: Dissidia’ Group. I’m planning on doing a proper location shoot at some point this year with the people over at SCG - so keep an eye out.
A tutorial on how I made the costume and sword can be found on my Facebook Page


Sara finally meets Jackie at LFCC

Best day ever, I was honoured to meet Sketch McDraw as Jackie!

Was so happy to see Dizziedee’ awesome Witchblade cosplay in person and to get some snaps with her - a Top Cow/Artifacts cosplay group is now officially on the cards!